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booo i know..i noticed after doing more research about it

but i came across this adaptor

it says that it can fit unto a folding ak...

Website says
"Most AKs have a full stock or a folding one, neither are adjustable for length, which can turn off some users to this great gun. With this stock adaptor the user can mount a retractable stock to their AK and adjust it for the most comfortable shooting position for them"

i really cant see how it will fit a folding stock ak please correct me if im wrong

.... im just looking for some reviews or anyone that has used this adaptor ?

Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
The cyma ak105 has a folding stock, it has nothin for that AR stock adaptor to connect to, as far as I know, that adaptor goes over the rear tangs of a full stock ak body.

So unless you have a body like that you won't be able to put the adaptor or any m4 stocks on it.

Maybe you should have bought an M4 to begin with
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