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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Nope, they're expensive as hell since they're pretty much discontinued with a few being made by companies such as Daytonagun (Which I think only makes them in batches of 500 or something but it may have been just a limited edition run of a gun or something).

I have my eye on one but it's looking to be about $2500 which is pretty much the same price as a PTW with some real steel accessories.
Not that expensive man, really, there's a Classic (escort MP5) on sale right now for $700, add $250 you're good to go pretty much ($100 if you want to go cheap) my rig cost bout $1200 w/ no mags so its pretty reasonable.

Originally Posted by The Acer View Post
Probably the cheapest way of acquiring a Classic Airsoft gun, so to see if a Retailer would be willing to work with you to import one from the classified on But thats a pretty big IF, not many retailers like do customs orders to begin with.

I do see a lot of used classic airsoft go for starting $200USD, with the high end of $1000USD. But that is not in Canada
Aint gonna happen, I've already talked with a retailer... I was going to get a 2nd hand Shoei MP44, everything was green light until the retailer end. The BFL will raise too many flags when you purchase from a private owner, apparently the tax n stuff will raise too many questions. As for $200USD stuff, watch out. Some of them are run by BF system which died when Marui destroy stuff like MGC. Generally BF is like an madbull co2 gearbox. It has basically no recoil. (Those things requires like 70psi MAX as opposed to Escort running 100-140psi)

Originally Posted by Dart View Post
one draw back of "classic" airsoft is the air system. now assuming they run on hpa you require a way to refill. how this is done is by cascading multiple scuba tanks. right there is a huge expense as 90% of airsoft games dont have anything like that... gta may be different considering you guys play on paintball fields...

another thing to keep in mind is any refillable high pressure vessle requires a hydro test every 2-5 years depending on the material its made out of.

I use CO2, you don't need to use HPA unless you're planning to run highcap or using the SAW. CO2 is pretty cheap...and safe (There bout the same as buying Coleman bottles if you dont calculate the cost of the bottle itself)

Personally I have a 24oz for my plinking, and a 12oz for games (Trying to find the 16 one.... 20oz is a lil too big for my bag, 24 will stick out, 12 is perfect, 16 should be the same except thicker slightly)
People in Classic Airsoft forum have been known to have 3 20oz tanks and 2 12/16 oz tank so they refill once in a while...But I'll agree, its a PITA to get it refill, I have to drive 20 minutes just to get it refill (and its not in my typical shopping/ traveling area)

I'm planning to get 2 more 24oz for more plinking in the future... xD By the way the tanks are from 35-60 depending on size. ($58 for 24oz, $54 for 20oz, $40 for 12oz)

Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
Classic air, or new GBBR are great but frankly, your first gun should be an AEG for nothing else then it'll be your easiest/cheapest to keep running. Your second gun is when you should be thinking about GBBR or classic air.
My First: G&P WOC13 GBBR -Broke, so I tried to sell as I was building my 2nd GBBR, but fix it before it sold. (Front Upper Receiver tab broke. Replaced it instead)
Second: Prime DIY GBBR -Got sick of cool down effect and fixing it
Third: Systema PTW -God I hate aegs, the motors...ugh
Fourth: Daytonagun AKS74U, aside from the problem encounter in the beginning, love it (still looking for a brand of mag that feeds 100%)

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