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All your fancy charts and theories mean nothing.
The cold hard fact is that I outranged a 470fps rifle on .30s with a 360fps rifle on .25s.
I've outranged a 400fps rifle with a 290fps pistol
A 280fps UMP on .25s can outrange a 400fps AEG on .28s
I've seen first hand Amos' team's type 56's outrange his SVD.
And at the open house, my M249 at a mere 320fps managed to somehow outrange most other rifles there!

Heavier BB's give you a huge advantage at higher velocities in both range and accuracy, there's no doubt about that. So how is it physically possible that I can outrange a high fps rifle with heavy bb's with an AEG that has inferior FPS and a lower bb weight??
If everything that touches the air that moves the BB (piston head, cylinder head, cylinder, air nozzle, hop chamber, hop rubber, inner barrel) are of good quality and seal really well, you'll have an amazingly long range and accurate gun. Good compression = laminar flow, bad compression = air leaks = turbulent flow.
I'm not saying FPS has no effect on range, I'm saying it's significantly less than people think. Having good compression is more important than high FPS.

People used to think everything fell at the same speed. Until someone figured out how to build a structure more than 200 feet tall. All of a sudden heavy things hit the ground before lighter things. WITCHCRAFT!
All your theories, fancy math, big words, university level calculus and small difficult words mean nothing in comparison to actual field trial
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