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Originally Posted by TechSeller View Post
That said, you are making a very broad generalization of Canadian retailers in your statement.
I have to agree here. There are several Canadian retailers offering parts, accessories and gear at prices quite comparable to foreign retailers. is a prime example. Some stuff may be a little more expensive (I'm talking in single-digit percentages here), but to deal with an ACCOUNTABLE and REPONSIBILE person who's a part of our community more than makes up for it. Order Part X from eHobby or some other Asian or US retailer. If they ship the wrong item, a defective item, etc, how much of a pain in the ass is it to get your refund or exchange? Get a defective / incorrect part from Jugglez, and he will make it right!

Then there are other retailers who really have to sell at MSRP in order to be able to stay in business. Those are generally the ones selling guns and accessories from CAS. In those cases, it's not really the manufacturer's SUGGESTED retail price, but the distributors DICTATED retail price. That's not the retailer's fault. In that case, the real gouging comes from CAS, and not the retailer.

But of course, there are a number of price gougers out there for parts and accessories. If people are stupid enough to pay those prices, then tough luck. Fools and their money are soon parted.
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