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If the OP's pursuit is purely distance, then FPS and BB are the only way to go, along with good hop up(Which I believe is agreed on both sides). But it is just as important to achieve good compression in order to achieve good consistency at longer range, and maximizing effective range.
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However, there's a general dilution of meaning when people use the term range and accuracy at range.
- A given setup may have more total range (i.e. the distance from the muzzle to when the BB hits the group) than another (and it isn't all from FPS...hopup plays an enormous part in this) but can't hit the broadside of van at that range.

So you're really discussing two things here...range...and effective range. What most people want is more effective range. They want to hit what they're aiming at...and they want to be able to hit things further away.
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