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Originally Posted by XerxesYoung View Post
like you said, that only helps with the accuracy, not range like the OP stated.
I did mean accuracy with regards to how all the parts fit together, tolerances and precision.

However, I do believe that in how exactly a shot will impact what you are aiming at...comes from:
1. Consistent FPS
2. Consistent application of hopup
3. Consistent BBs point well taken.

However, there's a general dilution of meaning when people use the term range and accuracy at range.
- A given setup may have more total range (i.e. the distance from the muzzle to when the BB hits the group) than another (and it isn't all from FPS...hopup plays an enormous part in this) but can't hit the broadside of van at that range.

So you're really discussing two things here...range...and effective range. What most people want is more effective range. They want to hit what they're aiming at...and they want to be able to hit things further away.

To do that need accuracy. You need consitent need your FPS/BB/Rubber to be balanced such that you get the most consistent hopup need to consistent BBs so that the compression and hopup is applied the same shot after shot.

So in that blurred need accuracy to realize your most effective range.

If you're FPS is 350-351-355-352-350-349-350, etc... Then your rifle is shooting an avg of 351. If you're only getting 351 once out of every seven shots...then you're going to need to shoot more shots, to hit accurately, than a setup that shooting 350-351-351-350-352-351, etc...

Ideally, you'd want each BB coming out of the barrel at the exact same speed, with the same amount of hopup spin lift. You'd also want the BBs to be exactly the same weight, have the same surface finish, have the same center of gravity, have the same diameter, etc... (lot to ask for in a BB).

So...what to do? Settle for a "that's good enough...I'll play within my effective range"

To be able to pick out a guys hand at 200ft and say, "I can drill that every time"...sure, that'd be nice. But really not all common in airsoft. More commonly you've got a much bigger target to aim at/hit. If at that range your volley of shots would normally miss...then you need to move up into your effective range...or fine tune things to realize more effective range from your rifle.

It ain't all FPS. I've had more than a few simply beautiful shooters that shot in the "mild" 340-370 range...but man oh man, they could blast guys at range with the best of them. One had a short 280mm-ish barrel (6.03mm)...the other a little longer.

Pffft...just saw your last post.
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