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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
No, don't lube the outside of the cylinder unless you use a dry lube. And if it's feeling gritty when you cock it, lube likely won't do anything, either you have dirt in there (clean it) or there are burrs, in which case you'd have to use a file/sandpaper/etc. to clean it up.
I disagree with you on lubricating the outside of the bolt, I found on my VSR-10 the addition of Molydebnum grease to the exterior of the bolt improved lock-up time by quite a bit and made everything MUCH smoother (and quieter) over all.

Again -- It depends on the play area... if I use my VSR in a sandy area, a piece of guntape goes over the ejection port, but I don't find it collects dirt nearly as much as people say it does.
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