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Originally Posted by SlippGun View Post
Well, what I am lubricating right now is the bolt. Meaining, the outside of the long cylinder that attaches to the bolt handle, with the cylinder head at the opposite end.

So, would I lubricate that or no?

Also, I haven't done this yet, but should I get inside to where the spring and spring guide are to give that a good cleaning? Main reason I haven't done that yet is I can't figure out how to get in :P
No, don't lube the outside of the cylinder unless you use a dry lube. And if it's feeling gritty when you cock it, lube likely won't do anything, either you have dirt in there (clean it) or there are burrs, in which case you'd have to use a file/sandpaper/etc. to clean it up.

Inside, yes, I do mine about twice per year, but my rifle used to be used numerous times per game (was about every two weeks I'd play, and have the rifle on me constantly, often shooting up to 100rds per game). Not so much now though, more because I've lost interest in playing, but anyone that uses their rifle more than maybe 100 rounds per month should take the 10mins to open up, clean, relube, reassemble.

Not sure about that rifle, but typically the nozzle unscrews from the cylinder. Mine I have to use a wrench (adjustable) to hold the nozzle and I just unscrew it from there and take the piston/spring/guide out.
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