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Originally Posted by danelen View Post
I cant seem to find anywhere that breaks down the parts in the gun tells me what they do in the gun
Lets see if I cant get you started

Once again lets go to google

Hey look! First hit on google again! Are you sure you looked that hard?
At least its the same version of mechbox you will have in your AEG.

Very interesting...but it doesnt list the name of the parts!

Lets go back to google again!

What do we have! Awesome everyone loves pictures.

Once again...very very interesting and useful!

But wait! It doesnt list exact specifics of how each and every part works. Ok well lets....go back to step one!

Im not going to assist on this one and Ive held your hand long enough, so you can wear your big boy pants now and dig around on google yourself and see what you can come up with.

Oh my special wittle little guy heres a link to google to get your started.

Dont forget to try different wording for your search parameters, it will definitely help yield different results.

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