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In many cases, once you factor in shipping, duties / brokerage, etc, the prices for parts in country are quite comparable to the overseas price. As an added bonus, if there's an issue with your order or if you receive a defective part, it's far easier to discuss it and resolve it with a dealer in Canada than in Asia. It makes good sense to buy from Canada.

While it's true that most Asian dealers will under-declare the value of items, often, packages do get opened and inspected by the CBSA, and they will assign a value and related duty price to it if they feel that the item is misdeclared.

Now, I do agree that in some cases, prices are unrealistically inflated in Canada for items we can easily import ourselves. GBB(r) mags are a prime example of this. Seriously, I can order 3 KJW M9 mags from Asian suppliers for roughly $75 shipped, whereas a single one will cost me about $50 shipped from most Canadian dealers. To me, that unacceptable pricing. However, I also realize that the dealers get their KJW stuff from CAS, so they have little control in the end pricing in cases like this. There are other items that are ridiculously overpriced in Canada as well compared to importing yourself

The best you can do really is compare the pricing yourself and determine which is the better deal for you.

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