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Province: ONTARIO
"Club" or "Group" you play with:F.N.G.
Are there other clubs in your area with different rules:

Outdoors --
FPS Limit on Pistols:350
FPS Limit on auto-capable AEG's:400
FPS Limit on Semi-auto only AEG's:400
FPS Limit on Bolt action snipers:450-460
Can some one get "Certified" and be granted the ability to use a higher FPS gun:HELL NO CERTIFICATION DOESNT HOLD WATER
If so, what's the highest "Certified" FPS you'll allow:450-460 NO CERTs

Indoors --
Do you play with auto or semi only: SEMI
What is your FPS Limit:350
Is your FPS Limit different depending on the gun:NO
What facial protection is REQUIRED: GLASSES
Do you allow pyro grenades: YES tested on ourselves
FPS Limits on Pistols: 350
FPS Limit on auto-capable (If your club uses this):350
FPS Limit on Semi-auto only AEG's:350
FPS Limit on (lol) Bolt Action Snipers (If this doesn't apply, just put "N/A"): N/A

And as for the certification i could never understand why someone with a certification should be able to shoot hotter than anyone else and what makes these so called certifications the Be all and end all of snipers no offence to the Instructers but what is it that makes the people who attend able to shoot hot. To me it just sounds Unfair unless you get a certification from someone who literally is just another airsofter who has been a sniper for a couple years. Certification should be automatic after X amount of years or time played as one. This is not a rant or a shot at anyone this is just an opinion and a enigma i could never wrap my head around... A person Certs another and now he can shoot 500+FPS I have been shooting for almost 5 years with no certs and i cannot. makes no freakin sense... I shouldnt need someone elses approval or dissaproval as to weather i can handle it and use my own judgement.

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