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Originally Posted by Jaozin92 View Post
The value at red wolf was $242 it seems pretty cheap too bad it's impossible to get imported. Is there any other way I can get that gun like asking an order from a retailer to get it for me or something similar?
Not impossible, just very hard. People have ways of getting things in country but as a member of the general public I wouldn't risk it. I'd rather get it custom ordered (not many retailers will do that there's only one and he opens it up once in a while which is a good thing as he's not going in over his head) and pay 2x the overseas price than attempt it and get it seized (meaning no gun and possibility of criminal charges or being put on a list).

PS: RITZ, he's 17 right now but turning 18 in about a month, he attended a game hosted by m102404 so I'm sure the guys have run him through most of the stuff he needs to know, the rest are probably just residual questions or things that he thought of after.

Also Jaozin, it's great you took a step in the right direction and are mature about being a minor it makes me happy there are at least a few younger people out there who aren't complete fucktards and will keep the bar high for standards on how we want minors to get introduced (and I'm only 20).
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