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If your going to use ASC after you are Age Verified to get that KA L1A1 on Redwolf be prepared to pay at the very least double the overseas price.

All of the other KA FAL versions are sold out and have been sold out for a few months now overseas.

It seems there's a KA FAL for sale in the ASC Classifieds every few months or so. You can always try that after you are AV'd.

90rd mag, 550rd hi cap mag,s RAS', bipods and scope mount bases are easily importable by you from at least 4 overseas retailers.

The full size FAL is a "battle rifle" They are indeed long. An L1A1 is roughly the size of a 1 and 1/3 M16. M16 AEG's have a 509mm inner barrel. Full length FAL AEG's have a 550mm inner barrel and a ridiculously long flash hider.

If you plan to game in the woods try and handle if you haven't already the "tactical carbine" version of the KA FAL. An L1A1 in the woods is similar to carrying a fishing pole in the forest. Some might say the FAL's are heavy. I'll disagree on that. Yeah, they are heavier than anM4 that's for sure. But really it's the size of the full length FAL that's the challenge.

The tactical version is a decent size and comes with a full stock that allows you to carry a large battery so you can game basically all day without a battery change. The "para" FAL's have the battery in the front. Unless you mount a PEQ box or do some kind of modification the "Para" version will only take the AK "stick" small type battery.

The KA FAL performs fine out of the box. However, at 325ish fps the muzzle velocity is a wee bit underpowered. Upgrading the spring, spring guide, air nozzle and the inner barrel (to a tight bore) are highly recommended since that's exactly what Tyson told me via pm after I purchased my FAL's. His upgrade recommendations were spot on.
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