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Airsoft Trajectory Project, as hosted by BB Bastard. Mirrored on Airsoft mechanics

BB Travel Distance with hop up using 0.25g BBs (Different velocities.)

0.37J = 180FPS w/ 0.25g : 110Feet
0.84J = 270FPS w/ 0.25g : 153Feet
1.49J = 360FPS w/ 0.25g : 185Feet
2.32J = 450FPS w/ 0.25g : 220Feet
3.35J = 540FPS w/ 0.25g : 250Feet

add about 40 FPS which is an approximate FPS with 0.20g BBs.

There is a CLEAR linear improvement in range as the FPS is increased in this test, and the only 3 controlled variables in this test are : FPS, BB weight, and hop up setting, other factors affecting the range was ENTIRELY external to the rifle. As shown in the project, they are:

Drag Force
Magnus Force
Terminal Velocity
Spin Decay
Drag Coefficient
Lift Coefficient

Therefore, as far as your Gun have control: FPS + BB + Hop up setting = Range

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