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A stable airfoil generates less drag... that is a constant...

But what I was stating was that ((( it would seem improbable at best that ((for a specific setup)) meanning SAME GUN a shorter barrel would have the same precision long range then a short one... at equal exit velocity...

On that I stand by my statement...

As for another gun... my tm usp aep at 220 fps put my gbb to shame at 280fps ((range and precision)).

But for the same gun... I think same precision is unlikely



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How do the dynamics of baseball pitching factor into to airsoft in any way shape or form?
Sportco, your arguement does make sense. However proper compression also includes laminar airflow through the barrel. A stock 290fps HFC beretta can outrange, and has more accuracy than a stock 310fps CA M16, even though the barrel on the M16 is significantly longer.
The hard PROVEN fact, through experience in the field with shorter and longer barreled guns, through actual field testing, not through idle speculation and theory, is that you can get the same range and accuracy out of a shorter barrel than you can out of a longer one.

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