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Location: vancouver
Province: B.C.
"Club" or "Group" you play with: BCAC
Are there other clubs in your area with different rules: Yes , Opfor , FVAA

Outdoors --
FPS Limit on Pistols: No official number , but if something is unsafe it will be brought up
FPS Limit on auto-capable AEG's: Does not exceed 415fps w/.2
FPS Limit on Semi-auto only AEG's: Does not exceed 450 w/.2
FPS Limit on Bolt action snipers: @Panther Paintball 500fps w/.2 for certified users and @ burma 550fps w/.2 for certified users
Can some one get "Certified" and be granted the ability to use a higher FPS gun:
If so, what's the highest "Certified" FPS you'll allow: No gun should exceed 550fps w/.2 for certified users.

Indoors --
Do you play with auto or semi only:
What is your FPS Limit:
Is your FPS Limit different depending on the gun:
What facial protection is REQUIRED:
Do you allow pyro grenades (If yes, please elaborate how you test them):
If so,
FPS Limits on Pistols: Same as above.
FPS Limit on auto-capable (If your club uses this): 330fps
FPS Limit on Semi-auto only AEG's: 350 fps w/.2
FPS Limit on (lol) Bolt Action Snipers (If this doesn't apply, just put "N/A"): N/A
We dont have a CQB location anymore those numbers are from roughly 8 years ago when so they are a bit out of date.
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