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Originally Posted by danelen View Post
My field chronos .25g BBS, so I am referring to 400fps using them. So wait a minute, the barrel length dosnt have anything to do with the distance?? Dosnt make a ton of sense to me but if thats the case then I guess I could get away with a shorter gun. And there is a lot of talk about good consistency based from compression, how do I guarantee this with my gun?
Sorry, in Canada (and most other places I know of) we usually measure using .20's so if you chrono doing .25's then that's fine and dandy. You're aiming for 1.86 Joules then (about 450 on .20's). Which in that case may be dangerous for most guns due to higher stresses placed on the internals (but if it can handle it then that's all good).

Also use .28's and bring it down to 375, you'll see a drastic improvement in accuracy. And when you get a hop up rubber you'll want to use a "hard" rubber such as the Prometheus Hard or other comparable stiff rubber.
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