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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I was told that 6.03 is probably what you'll want because of some reason or another(anyone back me up on this?)
I recommend Prometheus Barrels, their 6.03 but they are some of the best barrels on the market in my opinion.

According to the review listed here on another website along with information I found on other websites like the KWA home site.

In stock form the KWA SR10 outputs between 380- 390FPS with a 0.20g BB and has a stock 6.05mm barrel. Change the existing barrel to a Prometheus barrel and perhaps swap out the hopup for something to match the FPS in that range. I think that should put you in the 400 area that you're looking for.

If you wanted an output of under 400 with a .25, you could swap the spring for Prometheus MS120SP. Which should put you somewhere in the 425-430FPS with a 0.2g. Its hard to give an exact number but it should put you around 380FPS with a .25g.

Originally Posted by danelen View Post
Last there has to be Bio BBs that stick out among all the others. Im looking for consistency.
My previous comment about asking local people who play on your field still stands..

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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