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I understand that player is more then anything. While using shitty rentals I am successfully able to strategically kill most of the other team. But if I can create an unfair advantage by having a gun that shoots a little better then Im going to do that also.

About the upgrades, I have the money to get whatever, but I can get a discount on my first order. So I want to order as much as possible with that order to save some cash. I know I will want a 6.01mm inner and the other parts listed above. I am not putting them in right away however, I will use them after several times of using the stock gun. I also was curious abut an H nub, how much do they improve the accuracy? My field has a 400fps limit for full auto, but I can go over that and use semi. I would prefer to get my gun shooting just under that at the chrono with .25gs.

Last there has to be Bio BBs that stick out among all the others. Im looking for consistency.
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