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Heard good things of Bioval BBB but there are some rumors going around they can crack glass and stuff and may be banned at your field.

As for range, keep it at 380 or so, 400 is a LIMIT not a GOAL. If you shoot hot at chrono then you're gun will be benched for the day and you'll have to rent or use a loaner. Not such a big deal there as I'm sure other players have 2 or 3 guns and can lend you one as a loaner.

To get the maximum range a good hop up, rubber and spacer is what you want. It will do much better than some long barreled clone shooting 400 FPS.

Final words I have to say, upgrade the PLAYER not the gun. You can rock a crapsoft from Crappy Tire or Wally World and still be competitive. You just have to outsmart the other players and be extra sneaky. I've been shot with a $5 springer before when we were playing defend the base. Guy snuck up around and when I popped my head out to check for enemies (I knew someone was sneaking around) got shot in the shoulder.
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