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AEG vs "Classic Airsoft"

Hello ASC.
As I continue my research into which first gun I should get when I turn 18 in a few months, I came a cross so called "Classic Airsoft" the guns with the tubes coming out of them that are attached to an external airtank.
I did a little research on them, and found a video on youtube that explained what you would need to get started, aswell as general maintenance. I really liked the idea of not having to worry about batteries or gearboxes as you would in an AEG, or gas leaks from temperature drops as you would in a GBBR.
I saw Kullwarior's Daytonagun AKS74U review. That looked amazing, but it is well out of my price range. Are there any Classic Airsoft guns that go for cheaper? Or are they all really expensive as they aren't manufactured in large quantities anymore?
Are there any clear advantages to picking a Classic over an AEG as a first rifle?
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