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People need to realize that a large scale milsim airsoft game requires a lot of planning (scenario, insurance etc) and that people need to commit to an event and see that commitment through, far too many people play the "wait and see attitude" and that's why is frustrating and very costly (especially when no one shows interest and by interest I mean pay up), the last border wars was a serious kick in the crotch for the organisers simply because people's unwillingness to commit. As a Team F.I.S.T. member I know all about what it takes, times and $$ wise, we almost got completely pantsed last year from one of our events because of lack of commitment, we had a pig roast (feeds 65 people) which most of it went to waste not to mention the hours spent (by the members who came up with the idea for the scenario) just because people just decided not to show, those who came had a good time (and F.I.S.T. thanks you, you know who you are) and the weather held up long enough to get a really good day in. People I can't stress this enough if there's no commitment do you honestly think organisers will keep trying to host games after getting pantsed year after year. We don't exactly play a cheap sport here and paying ahead to secure your spot or too simply say "I'm interested and I'll be there" is not too much to ask.

The last border wars falled through because of lack of interest (serious interest ie paying!) I know for a fact that if the airsoft community ever wants to see a game of the magnitude of borders wars they are really gonna have to pull a rabit out of their ass and come together as a community, you all have to sell each other on the idea and network, it costs several $1000's to host a game like that and do you honestly think someone will attempt it again after such a loss.

It's not impossible but when people moan and bitch about admission prices and nickel and dime you for everything as opposed to sit back and realize how much work is involved in such a task; then it leaves a sour taste in the mouth of organisers, believe me!

Ask yourself this question, if you don't show and everyone follows suit then what happens.....that's right no game, people have better things to do then to waste their time trying to entertain you. I understand life happens and things come up but "not really feeling it" is a cop out, and 200 +people not feeling it is plain whinny b.s.
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