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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
He's voluteered to stand in as a hostage/non-combatant for my game this weekend. It's his first time seeing anything to do with airsoft.

I certainly appreciate him opting to get manhandled, bound and shot at all night exchange for an opportunity to meet the guys, see what's what with gear/weapons/stuff you need/etc...

To Joazin92:
- We've got you sorted out with a full face mask set and will brief you on some specifics.
- I might have an extra helmet since you're probably going to take some close-ish shots...maybe not, bring a hat.
- LOOSE clothing is key...baggy t-shirt + baggy long sleeves is minimal to take a bit of the sting out.
- we're playing right into the it might get cold...a baggy sweat-shirt/hooddie would work well. Dress for the's outdoors.

* you'll be fine, we'll keep an eye out for you

+1 Don't worry about it bud, you are already aces in my books for actually having the balls to get out there instead of being like like most of the nubs here sitting behind a monitor. You will be just fine just follow the advice Tyson gave you & you'll just do fine..........For the record bbs does sting a bit if you are wearing a tight fitting clothing so just wear loose fit stuff but we aimed center mass shots anyways. You will probably learm more tonight about airsoft than you would have been, sitting in front of your computer reading through some of the info here or elsewhere.

See you tonight.
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