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As one noob to another...At my first game I took multiple hits to the face mask (JT Reaper - wide field of view, good with glasses) and head (boonie hat). The hands and fingers took a few hits (thin leather gloves - try batter's gloves from CTC). Baggy pants and a surplus BDU shirt took the rest of the hits. I got the hell shot out of me and all I came away with were 3 or 4 red marks (no welts) for 7 hours of play.
And it's ok to say OW! as long as you say HIT! right after. You're going to have SOME fun tomorrow.
Oh, yeah...Has anyone mentioned boots yet? You'll hear it over and over again for a reason. Good boots not only look cool but will save your ankles (SWAT classic 9" light).
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