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Daytonagun AKS74U

Quick overview of Daytonagun AKS74U from LCT kit (also available in D-Boys Steel kit or upon request Real Sword)
Note: Daytonagun by Justin is also offering M4/M16 Series, FNC, FAL/L1A1, M249 Series, as well as in design currently: Bizon SMG.
I'll tell you guys first of all this is a second hand, so result might differ from the sparkly brand new. However, it does tell you about the problem long term.
Here's the stats
External Material: Steel and Wood
Internal Material: Steel Bolt carrier, Trigger, Gas port and Aluminum nozzle, blowback chamber, Sear
PSI Range: 80-140psi (Beyond 140 psi will increase wear and significantly increase chances of parts broken. Below 80, the gun wont properly cycle)
Rate of Fire: 600-850rpm
Velocity: 280-400fps
Recoil Comparable to
o (At 140psi) Slightly stronger than WA/Magna system
o (At 80psi) About the same as a WE, slightly stronger than WA/Magna using Lightweight bolt carrier
Compatible Magazine: ?!? Still experimenting
(G&P requires mod to fit properly, and to hold on to it for feed properly)

o Unmatched Recoil power (if you're not position properly for the recoil, it can knock your ironsight out of alignment when you approx 1/2 cm)
o Really Loud noise (If you attach a Silencer with foam it will actually reduce the noise quite significantly changing the sound "clack" to "flouff"
o Ability to Take AEG magazines (This means you can to the tactical ak reload without the fear of going bankrupt when the mags broke)
o Minimal Cool down (one of the down side to Gas gun is cool down from liquid to gas The DG has reduce the cool down quite significantly to a point where its similar to firearm, long term suppressive fire the change in temperature will be noticeable)
o Low upkeep cost (Although this is expensive to start, the upkeep is quite small actually low to maintain the gun long term)
o Relatively winter friendly (CO2 in winter will still work, not as well as HPA but alot better than propane or red gas)
o External Gas tank and hose (some people just don't like having an external tank, Its best to put the rig in a bladder pouch or a back pack, pouches wont hold it unless you're using insanely big pouch on a insanely small tank)
o Difficult to adjust hopup (The hopup is located below the bolt carrier and the recoil spring. Adjusting it is best describe as near impossible on AKS74U. This is due to the amazing self retention of dust cover hindering a allen key to go in and change fps. Once adjusted, the hop up does not self adjust which is a plus.
o Expensive to start (the stuff you'll need is not particalurly cheap when you first want to get the gun working)
o Difficult to obtain (If I remember correct there's only 2 External Air in classified compared to amount of AEG and even GBBR, this will tell you how hard it is to obtain in Canada. It is hard to get one in world as well thanks to Marui destroying the industry)

Cost to set up compared to a G&P WOC
Rifle itself: $950 (if you know how) $1500 (for dummies) [Using $950 as the number]
Stabilizer: $180 (Palmer Pursuit is the standard, lets go with it)
Tank: $50 for a 20oz Aluminum CO2 or $175 for a 68cc 4500psi Carbon fibre HPA (This is just average) [Using CO2 Tank]
Magazine each: Approximately $15 per magazine
Cost for 1 Magazine setup: $1195
Cost for 5 Magazine setup: $1255
Cost for 7 Magazine setup: $1285

G&P WOC: (This ignores quite alot of upgrade that one should put before gaming)
Rifle itself: $1250
Propane adapter and Propane tank: $30
Magazines: $55 for a G&P, $65 for a Pro-Win, $135 for a WA Heavy Duty [Using G&P Magazines]
Cost for 1 Magazine setup: $1345
Cost for 5 Magazine setup: $1565
Cost for 7 Magazine setup: $1675

Realism: 4/5 (Lost one for external air tank, gain for its weight, recoil, function, and external look)
Game-bility: 4/5 (Still lose to AEG in terms of spray n pray, this system cannot do suppressive fire long term. It surpass a GBBR ability to game though. Real-Cap if you want to play semi, mid-cap if you want to compete against AEG)
Quality: 5/5 (The fact its an LCT kit gives alot of point. In addition, Many classic stopped production 20 years ago, yet most are still ticking...Can AEG say the same?)
Cost: 3.5/5 (The high cost setup is definitely not favourable for low-budget people. However, if you want GBBR and just move from paintball to airsoft Classic gives you quite a bit of saving)
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