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In my experience, Paypal is too slow, expensive (usually the sellers transfer the service charge which should, according to Paypal, be paid by the seller, to the buyer).

I have tried to place an pre-order with an ASC retailer who only accepts Paypal. It turned out my payment AND pre-order was all cancelled by the retailer as he did not want to wait for the transfer of money from my bank account to Paypal one.

And he tried to pushed me to have an Paypal credit card, which required extra charge on my purchase.

I don't like it as it made the cost of the "pre-order" airsoft item become very expensive, and not worth the wait and all the effort.

Personally, I highly prefer direct deposit (free of charge), then followed by EMT (reasonable service charge of $ 1.5, but have daily limit of $1,000).

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