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Originally Posted by jpr363 View Post
Its best to not get a sniper rifle when sniping, and no, you cannot buy any dragunovs in canada(from what ive seen) best bet is to go with an AEG. when you can turn 18.
Yes from what you've seen. AV opens up a whole new world of possibilities. That's why you need AV to be able to access it!

Also +1 to brokenwings. Stock a sniper rifle is the same as an AEG, if you truly want to develop yourself in a sink or swim way try playing with a stock sniper rifle you'll have to outsmart and outsneak other players not to mention get up close because the accuracy isn't going to be like a fully upgraded VSR with a TBB, perfect compression, and be more bang on than an AEG when shooting.

I'm obviously talking about BA rifles but for something like a Dragunov there's no reason why you can't keep it running at stock speed (I assume somewhere in the range of 360-380 FPS) and either act as a "DMR" or play as an assaulter with a Dragunov (although it might be a bit unwieldy with such a long rifle, like using a full length M16 in a CQB situation instead of an M4 with collapsible stock).
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