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Originally Posted by ishopatevike View Post
Here is what happens, this is the truth, Evike is the largest Airsoft Reatiler in the USA. Evike has so many problems dealing with people they get their airsoft stuff from, that it sometimes affects the customer, that is not what Evike wants to do, it just happens. Being that Evike deals with over 200 Manufacturers around the world. Evike can only have so much control when one of those Manufacturers states in a fax that it will be there in two weeks and it ends up there in four, there is nothing Evike can do about. But at the same time. Evike handles more stuff then anyone else, that is why it is worth the wait.
There are a few spelling mistakes in your post, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though since the rest of the post was well written.

I would like to know though, what have you say about RedWolf or any other large Asia based retailer? They are probably the de facto largest retailer in the world yet they don't seem to screw up orders with as much frequency or trouble when dealing with customer complaints.
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