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Originally Posted by Percuvius View Post
Thanks guys, I wish i could get back 30 to 50 feet, but I live downtown so my options are limited. I just wanted to get my iron sights bang on so I could fix my 552 reticule on my front sight. I guess I'll have to wait until I'm out at the field.
You really won't be able to set your hop up (or see any effect) unless you can shoot past 100ft. Need to see the loft effect fully in order to adjust it. Get yourself a laser bore sight ($35 at Le Baron, likely gun stores would have the same) and zero your scope with that while at home (although 20ft is rather short, I do it at 30ft in my basement), then get to the field, set your hop up and then see if your sights are on or off, and adjust as needed. I rarely need to tweak my scope/sights by this method.

BTW, you should be checking and resetting your hop up before every game since temperature and air conditions will rarely be identical one day to the next. Cooler days will cause you to overhop a bit more, warmer will underhop. Add in windier conditions, over hop........... you get the picture.
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