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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Hmm. your comments make sense. However I still think its a loosing battle. Those who are inclined to point a finger at us will still find a reason, even if its just "this would never have happened if those guys at ASC didn't make airsoft look so fun and enjoyable."
Yeah but that's going to happen whatever we do; so if/when it does, you want to make sure it's clear to the uninformed masses, and maybe especially to authorities, that we actively discouraged it, promoted safe and responsible ownership and play, did everything in our power to keep it from happening, and condemned rather than condoned those who did facilitate it.

If an incident happened tomorrow morning and some wannabe-clever news type decided to come poking around to see if they could find something they could stick on us, they'd be dealt a swift backhand after reading a few of Pusangani's replies to underaged kids trying to get a gun :P

And I think most people are still sensitive enough to realize "this would never have happened if those guys at ASC didn't make airsoft look so fun and enjoyable" is a bit of a straw man fallacy... sorta like the arguments against tobacco sponsorships, which would have us believe simply seeing the logo will make us want to smoke (everyone in marketing would be on welfare or flipping burgers at McD's). And just to rant, that was like the one single positive contribution tobacco companies were making: now they're selling just as much tobacco products, making as much profits, and all those sporting and entertainment events that were receiving money are now underfunded. Good going, Big Brother, thanks for saving me from that horrible duMaurier logo.
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