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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
+2 feet at 20 feet?? Holy crap dude your gun must range like 80 feet and then drop. Overhop much?
That is the minimum hop :P. I guess dboys scar-l's are famous for this.. Maybe I was also exaggerating.. I'm trying to imagine my gun shooting right now, and that scene.. The kid I was shooting at was probably like 4' or so.. and I was aiming at his upper chest... so maybe 3', and the bb's were like hitting a few inches above his head, maybe 3-4... and I'm not very good at estimating distances either, but I think he was like 2 car lengths away, but down a pretty steep hill, so that might have changed something... But I think these new numbers may be a little more accurate. I recently cleaned out my gun (everything was basically untouched from the time I bought it except some metal ball bearing bushings)

I was trying to compensate by shooting lower, but he had a huge fat tree and I had the hill line, so I had to pop up shoot maybe 5 rounds and drop, and when you try to shoot lower over a hill, you leave yourself more exposed. So maybe that's why I didn't hit him. Oh and since he was with his dad and his sister... all behind that huge tree, I felt that I should just fall back after a few close calls. Then I ended up rushing center with 4 guys shooting at me yelling that my multicam would save me.. I ended up getting like half way into their side, maybe 30-40 yards and got behind a tree, but the tree I chose was only like a foot thick, and my leg was sticking out, and they had me in a crossfire.. but anyways..
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