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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
2000 guns sold? but how many are from repeat customers? How many of those are vets? And how many of those are uniformed newbies who dont know any better? If you recall, I once attempted to purchase a gun from you (back when you were selling better quality stuff on asc), while I got lots of promises from you, I never got any results. Instead of leaving you bad feedback (as the transaction never took place), I was courteus enough to just let it drop and spend my money elsewhere. Walk in store or not, people dont forget shit like that. I know I wont.

Got my L96 off Shootsoft (When it was new, mind you). Came with the barrel scratched up, BBs scattered everywhere (inside the HEAVILY beaten box), the trigger guard missing a piece of plastic, and one of the sears snapped in half.

I would hardly call that new. Still, I was reassured that it was 'new' and because I didn't want to go through the hassle of mailing it to whoever his distributor was -- I ended up opening the gun and fixing the broken parts with some epoxy.

I haven't dealt with Shootsoft since and have no future plans to.
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