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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Yes our community does do this, but does it matter? Its not like the anti's will ever acknowledge that we put massive amounts of effort into promoting safety and responsible gun use.
In and by itself, no not really: the antis will be anti no matter what, they want zero guns, period. There's no reasoning with it.

Will it keep certain retailers from still selling to minors? Or parents careless buying guns for their kids and then failing to supervise them? No.

Will our promoting safety and responsible gun use and proper use of airsoft help? Only those willing to listen, which in most cases aren't the people mentioned above anyway.

But if an incident does happen, you want to make sure nobody (read "the media") can turn around and point a finger at us, or show some report on CBC about how they enlisted some 12 y.o kid who was then able to easily get access to a gun because of us.
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