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Originally Posted by popotete View Post
i am in the same boat i ordered a tokio-marui vsr-10 on Feb 15 that cost me $206 so after 3 days i asked him why my order wasn't shipped yet he said it was back ordered i asked again in April and he said the same thing and says he doesn't know when my order will be back in stock due to delays.
You might want to ask for your money back man. A third of a year to get a rifle in is unacceptable. Delays are not your problem, these are businesses and as you are paying them to provide a service you need to stand up for your rights. Take your money, get age verified and seek another retailer though the retail section.

I mean, the guy has time to travel to cuba but not secure your order and its great that he has new employee's but in the month + since he hired them your still sitting with nothing but your metaphorical johnson in your hand wondering whats going down.

Good luck.

a wise man I know once said, Deeds not words.

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