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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
+1000 on this and this is also where the term tighty whitey literally meant you will cry like a baby so wear really loose clothing

if not in BDU's I usually wear one of my practice hockey jerseys for CQB/paintball.

mind you, in the hot summer, my BDU jacket usually makes it onto the field for one session. by the first break or reload, it comes off and it's just a t-shirt and my rig.

Jaozin92, most of Saturday's shooters, lol, are good guys and can shoot straight, sort of. you'll be plenty fine. we won't shoot at you too much. Do bring and wear a pair of gloves though.

how big are you? if you're still worried, I have some full arm elbow pads. Let me know if you want to use them. I'll try to remember to pack them in the car anyway.

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