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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
He's voluteered to stand in as a hostage/non-combatant for my game this weekend. It's his first time seeing anything to do with airsoft.

I certainly appreciate him opting to get manhandled, bound and shot at all night exchange for an opportunity to meet the guys, see what's what with gear/weapons/stuff you need/etc...

To Joazin92:
- We've got you sorted out with a full face mask set and will brief you on some specifics.
- I might have an extra helmet since you're probably going to take some close-ish shots...maybe not, bring a hat.
- LOOSE clothing is key...baggy t-shirt + baggy long sleeves is minimal to take a bit of the sting out.
- we're playing right into the it might get cold...a baggy sweat-shirt/hooddie would work well. Dress for the's outdoors.

* you'll be fine, we'll keep an eye out for you
+1000 on this and this is also where the term tighty whitey literally meant you will cry like a baby so wear really loose clothing
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