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Question Spring-loaded Magazines - recommendations needed

Question about mags,

I don't really spray and pray in games, so I am researching some lo to mid cap mags - especially spring loaded ones. I seen some lo-cap mags around 30rnds that are spring loaded, but are most - if not all lo-cap mags spring loaded??

Take this for example, found on Velocity Arms :

doesn't say anywhere that its Spring loaded... But this is under lo-cap section. I looked at the 30rd version as well, doesn't say its spring loaded as well! I zoomed in on the picture, it "seems" like there is a BB loading wheel on the bottom of each of those maps, but its too dark I'm not sure...

I'm basically wondering if anyone can recommend a good spring loaded mag of at least 50rd capacity(if it even exists). Or anything close to it. I did some digging on the postings on the forums here, only manage to find this one :

Any suggestion will help, thanks again everyone. :tup:

P.S - Sorry, forgot to mention what gun I am using. I currently have an ICS M4 variant and will also have an SCAR-H very soon.

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