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I think at first demand would be very high if prices went down, but after awhile, demand would go down, and prices would go back up. I agree they are at an artificial high right now, and the price would go down some, but I don't think things will change much until the problems with importation get sorted out. It's not the dealers'/sellers' fault for the high prices... Also notice that demand is not one to one, and not linear for that matter. If you raise demand by 10%, the number you sell is not reduced by 10%. If the price drops by 50%, your aren't only 2 times more likely to buy something.. it's probably closer to 5-10x more likely. One thing sellers could do is have people pay up front, and after the order gets large enough, buy in more volume. Once they get a reputation, prices will go down and selection will go up imo. It might take longer to get enough people in the "pool" but you'll be able to get what you want, and for cheaper. I'm not sure if people already do this, but I think it's one way to make things better.
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