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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Wow, you got that WE for a steal. Care to share your source? That's pretty much international pricing ($360USD + shipping.)

If you're going to consider it that way, if you're using the same channels to procure the guns, the VFC would be even cheaper ($320USD + shipping.)

On top of that, the added realism of the VFC's bolt carrier group, VFC's impeccable manufacturing quality/finish, the added accuracy of the split hop up design, the roller hammer and the aftermarket support of Magna type systems, would yield a superior product over the WE system.

WE's saving grace would be lower priced magazines.

We have retailers here in Canada that carry the WE M4/16 series.
As for the quality of the WE m4/16. Its solid. Finish on them is fantastic, the internals are solid. Mags are affordable for a gas platform. They really preform amazing for the price point and are arguably just dependable as any other gas brand you want to compare them to.
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