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Originally Posted by Affliction View Post
I'd personally still stick with the WE GBBR. My WE M16a3 GBBR cost me $450 (Tax incl) and hasn't failed me yet (did have to file my hop-up rubber after purchase).

I doubt that paying twice the sum is good for anything -- except lining retailers' pockets with gold.
To me, the added realism of the VFC's bolt carrier group, a full metal upper and lower receiver, VFC's impeccable manufacturing quality/finish, the added accuracy of the split hop up design, the roller hammer and the aftermarket support of Magna type systems would yield a superior product over the WE system.

The international pricing of the VFC magazines is also cheaper than the WE magazines.

But, that comes down to what you find important. If you want something that just shoots a BB out with a bit of kick, then the lower price of a WE would get you what you need. But, if you want that little bit extra, you gotta pay that extra. You get what you pay for.

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