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I think Canadian business is fine and great, but really, if i can get something for significantly cheaper overseas, then my money is going overseas 9 times out of ten. I'll buy from a friend or an acquaintance if i feel their price is reasonable, and i'll pay a bit more for convenience if necessary, but really: the price of airsoft in canada is not reasonable.

I would love to have so much money that i could afford to pay a very large premium and put other people's kids through college so i can get warm fuzzies about 'supporting' canadian business. Unfortunately thats not reality for myself and (i would suggest the majority of) others.

The reality of business is compete or die, a price low enough to compete and high enough to make a profit. If some of the regulatory barriers were lowered, all the people who have been making shit tons of cash either retailing or distributing airsoft guns would have their profits instantly slashed and burned, because they would have to lower their prices to compete with the new guys entering the market, and the staggering profits would likely line up with US retailers (plus a bit, because canada just seems to get screwed a tad on pricing for whatever reason). I can only hope this happens. I have respect for everybody retailing airsoft, but honestly put: I hope the supply chain expands to stamp out this habitat for gouging that we have now.

Sorry to all you canadian retailers, but my money means more to me than your profits. that's just the nature of business, no hard feelings.
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