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Heh, if you like Soviet weapons check out WinterWolfs VSS conversion:

It's in my to do list (for eventually, right now I have to pay for school, a car and other things). Probably going to use an RS Type 56 as a base. I've loved that gun ever since the game Army Ops (Yes I was playing when it was still known as Army Ops).

As for the AK 101, I believe VFC/GB-Tech may make one, I know they have a line of AK and AK variants but maybe not that specific model. GHK may have one as well but I'm told it's not that great since it's a clone and supposedly a subsidiary of D-Boys or something (a clone company that isn't the greatest) BUT it's a GBBR which might be your thing, BUT then again because it's a clone may need parts replaced quickly and may not be the most reliable.

Other than that get the players you meet at the games to answer more in depth about this kind of stuff, there's a lot of stuff and I don't really feel like typing up a whole essay what can be explained in 10-15 mins of your time.
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