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Originally Posted by sewktbk View Post
well i know the AGM hop up is weak, and thats been replaced in the one i want.So thats a good thing i guess... and yes, i dont mind investing the money later to replace stuff as i said.

what other internals have issues on the AGM?
I've personally seen a AGM GBBR with all the tits and whistles replaced with brand parts and yet develop problems, the owner was so frustrated at the POS that he ended up using it as a wall hanger in his office - almost a $2000 wall hanger

Now for practicallity and gaming straight out of the box without much investment WE is still the best bang for the buck, I never thought I would be impressed at WE quality but I have to admit they really won me over. I have owned the old school JAC, ASAHI and sun project GBBR and currently I have a Inokatsu Super M4 and the WE 416 I like the 416 so much that I ended up buying the PDW from WE, by far they are the better choice if you don't want to tinker around it and spending a shit load of money on. They are built with a slightly modified proven simple gas system that don't have a million small parts, they don't break down if you properly maintain them (Like any other guns) and their mags are readily available and affordable.

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