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Originally Posted by Jaozin92 View Post
Oh I thought it was everything about guns and stuff, but I was actually wondering in using the dragunov with iron sights for now and then changin to the scope. Cuz like the dragunov is the first weapon I would like to buy, but when I start to play I will try getting some rentals. Is that a good idea?
Sounds like you have a taste in soviet weaponry. The JG SVD isn't even an SVD but a normal AK-47 with SVD style stock and barrel, actually they aren't even that hard to custom build. If I recall the CA SVD had a horrible rep. There are good things about the Realsword SVD but at the Toronto Airsoft Convention I asked a safe soft retailer who was carrying a few Realsword models to quote me a price on the SVD. It's custom order only for $1000. Like everyone is saying don't get the sniper rifle first getting an assault rifle like a AK-74 which has side rails in case you do want to upgrade to a marksmen role.
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