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Originally Posted by NoGear View Post
all well aside someone needs to learn karate or kickboxing in the near future
Doesn't always help, I was a purple belt going on 6 years of karate when I hit hit high school. When people found one on one wouldn't work with me, they swarmed. I was extorted once by 8 guys for like $7 plus a student fare, didn't bother starting anything since I didn't know if any of them were armed so I just let them take what they wanted, left, and called the cops. The stupid fuckers were still hanging in the same area.

Hands down, the school has to take a position in issues like this. Simply shoving it aside like its no big deal only enforces an impression that these kids can get away with anything. Problem is that society has taken away the right to punish and discipline kids making it almost illegal. Kids who either don't know or don't care about right or wrong have more power over adults thanks to soccer mom's who think every kid is like their perfect little angel and nobody has the right to even raise their voice over a whisper. Pathetic.
"Hey I'm the first one to say its a great country but its a straaaaange culture. This is a place where gun store owners are given a list of stolen credit cards but not a list of CRIMINALS and MANIACS. And now they're thinking of banning toy guns...AND THEY'RE GONNA KEEP THE F**KING REAL ONES!"
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