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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
No you're wrong on that we can offer everything you want (as long as it's not something answered in the FAQ's) EXCEPT how to obtain guns.

As for the RS Dragunov, I've never actually come across one but I'm sure there are a few floating around in Canada. AFAIK there's one gun that was a limited run of 250 or something and 6 made it into Canada so I'm sure that there are a few RS Dragunov's floating around and even more coming in.

I still highly suggest against something like that because really it's much more fun to get down and dirty playing an assault role but it's your choice in the end anyways (a DMR rifle might be a better idea still if you're intent on becoming a sniper).
Oh I thought it was everything about guns and stuff, but I was actually wondering in using the dragunov with iron sights for now and then changin to the scope. Cuz like the dragunov is the first weapon I would like to buy, but when I start to play I will try getting some rentals. Is that a good idea?
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