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FINALLY! A minor worth helping out (even if only for a month).

This is an aside and there is no "license" required to play in the UK, rather it's a sort of system that ensures you're a skirmisher and as such can use the "skirmisher defence" under the UK's VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction Act). The easiest way is to register under the UKARA system however it's not the only way, you can keep a "skirmisher diary" or use various other pieces of "evidence or proof" to prove without a doubt you are an active skirmisher.

As for in Canada, there are a few publicly available sites to get stuff from but we cannot give you information on that until you are AV'ed. You however can find it for yourself. On this site the AV system is community implemented and holds no legal bearing just that we prefer to keep this stuff out of minors hands (and once you read a few posts in the trash or hang out in the newbie tank you'll likely want to keep it that way as well).

Here on ASC you must have an AV'ed tag to get access to the classifieds section where you can find all sorts of things from classic airsoft and issued gear, to BNIB (don't ask....) stuff and clone gear and anything in between including fixer guns, upgraded guns, custom built ones, etc.

Good to hear you're going to wait it out for a month and I think you'll fit nicely in the community.

PS: Read some other threads in the trash to see what not to do, as well as the FAQ's so you're prepared. You can also ask the AV rep in your area when you meet them for any questions you may have and I'm sure most of them will be happy to answer your questions (over a beer or a meal at timmies).
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