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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
First of all, re-read your link: the shot (400 fps gun, .28g BB, from 1 ft) cracked the lens, it didn't "go right through the goggles."

That's a pretty hard hit at 1 ft distance and arguably the goggles did what they were supposed to (stop the BB, despite not surviving themselves) considering they're shitty paintball goggles.

Paintballs aren't hard projectiles, they have a greater surface area and quickly collapse on impact. PB goggles have become commonplace because so many fields (PB) require them for their insurance, but they're far from being optimal for airsoft.

There's a reason most experienced players will, given the choice, pick tac goggles over pb goggles; it's not just the "look cool" factor. I know my eyewear is rated to stop a .22LR @ 1000fps. I know it won't crack when hit with a heavy BB, even from an upgraded 500 fps sniper rifle.

If you want "airsoft approved" go with tactical goggles with real ratings.
Wisdom heard is often ignored, Wisdom earned is often heard.

Your completely right Drake, the problem is that people will buy without checking (heck my wife is guilty of this, and thus by extension myself). And will end up with things like Dust wind and sand goggles or even worse Chinese knock offs with zero safety ratings.

If you shop around and take your time you will find something useable.

As for the JT's Airsoft goggles? Well Jt's confirmed that they have no safety rating what so ever.
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