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you're all a bunch of elitist b*stards

nice thread, and perfect for new players to read.. thankfully in all my (long grandpa phrase goes here) long years of playing, people have taken my advice (when given in person)

but then, if someone is an insufferable prat, they won't listen to anything that doesn't re-inforce the world view they have, even worse they don't know how to read the responses they do get. They will presume that the (insert item here) is good because they've seen it 'reviewed' by 2 kids on youtube (don't get me started on this) who take the gun out of the box and give themself a mental hand-job for the great purchase that they compare to _other_ online reviews by mentally handicapped youngsters..

so when one of this group asks for help selecting a gun (and they already have something in mind) they really just want a rubber-stamp on whatever they decide on.

they don't care if the 'god of airsoft' came down and wrote out a 5 page essay on the rights and wrongs of china-soft, they will (usually) go with the cheap option they have in mind, in doing so we as a community will try our very hardest to stop this inevitable train-crash that we know from _experience_ will happen.. and so they get defensive when we tell them they are going down a path of pain and suffering.

and also, to show my age..
i remember buying CA when it was gen 1 .

and then finding that it was shooting at 420FPS on a field that only allowed 328FPS

and then finding out that the springs were cut-down 'things' that used to dig chunks out of pistons, this was suprising to me because no-one even knew much about classic army. a metal body was made by systema, and the ferrari of airsoft was the old systema 'pro' (i think) line that would come out of the box shooting 560FPS, none of this PTW system.
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