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Originally Posted by ruinz00 View Post
The Crosman C11 looks like it could be a good side arm. From what I've read it seems to have a few issues. It still looks like it could be a CO2 pistols, it's nice that you don't a canister in each magazine.
I did a lot of reading on it too before I decided to plunk $100 down on it, seemed about 1/4 of the reviews were lemons, the rest were good, so I bought it anyways since I've been having a pain in the ass time getting either of my KSC G19s back up and reliable (both have about 10,000 rounds through them, have replaced parts over the years and they've seen a lot of use, including semi regular mixes with sand) and wanted a cheap, reliable compact sidearm to fill my holster (my other GBB is a full metal KSC Mk23, which is pretty cumbersome at times). And since I play games in areas with sand once in a while, a relatively sealed NBB would keep most sand out of it.

It's a decent gun though, I haven't gamed it yet, but tried distance and ammo weights with it and it's pretty good. Chronies high though, at one point got it up to 388fps, and later with a full CO2 cartridge, only 340fps or something like that..
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